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We understand that everyone will get a different amount of value out Livestock Management software. From 4H/School project, and hobby rancher usage to large scale livestock operations. That's why we have made Ranch Manager Open.  However, this software should not be considered free. We need your support to continue to invest in the software by adding new features, supporting the latest advancements in computers and devices; not to mention hosting this site.


There are a few different ways to help us out. The simplest is to purchase a Flex License using the options below.  Flex Licenses are voluntary license contributions that you would record as a software expense on your business's books.  Alternatively (or additionally), you could subscribe to our RM Cloud service. The RM Cloud enables you to synchronize your Ranch Manager database across multiple devices.


When it comes to pricing for Livestock Management software, you won't get more value out of any other model. We recommend a yearly contribution, using one of the options below:

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