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ipad not syncronizing
My master was syncronized ,with the message it was successful. I then syncronize my iPad and get the message that it was successful but I check and the data on the iPad is not in sync. The build ID for the master is 20171008-A The iPad build ID is 20170826-A. Thanks for your help  Ben
Once you Share your project from the "Master" you must complete the Synch by "Recieving" the project on the iPad. The data from your Master will not show up on the device until you pull the data from the device on the cloud. Since you just upgraded, I recommend the following steps:
1) Start Ranch Manager on the Master.
2) From the "RM Cloud" select "Advanced" then "Share Project using the RM Cloud"
3) Select your device, and then click "Next"
4) Wait for the process to complete and click "Finish"
5) Start Ranch Manager on your iPad.
6) From the "RM Cloud" select "More" then "Receive Project"
7) Select the project shared from the Master, and tap "Next"
8) Wait for the process to complete, then tap "Finish"
NOTE: Do not close or navigate away from Ranch Manager while synching as it will cut the process short.
9) You should be in synch now...from here just use "Perform Synch" on both devices to stay in synch.

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