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can't open ranch manager on reinstalled software
Hi, I just got my computer fixed and upgraded and in doing so had to uninstall ranch manager. Upgraded to Windows 10 and reinstalled ranch manager. Now I want to open it up and it wants my email to confirm that I bought it. So I enter email and it says it doesn't recognize address but I know it's the same one. Long story short I can't get into ranch manager now! Please help!
I will look up your old license and create a record in RM Open for you. The issue is that you do not have the old software installed on the new computer, so we have no way to link your old installation together with the new software.

Stay tuned...
Still can't get ranch manager to open. What do I need to do?
I see you registered for a new license. That will work also. To move your data over, you should copy any project files (if you had a backup) to the "RMOpen" folder that is located under the "Documents" folder on your computer. Once copied, start Ranch Manager, and use the "File" menu to "Open" your project.


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