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Hi, trying to install ranch manager to a new computer.  Followed instructions, clicked on icon, entered info and it tells me it can't find a licence under my email address?  Not sure what to do now, email has not changed since I purchased the software.
If you have the older version of Ranch Manager installed on the computer that you are now installing the new software, then Ranch Manager will look for your old installation in the default installation folder. If it is not found, then you must use the “Browse” button to show the software where you have the old version installed so it can move your license (and data over). If the old software is not installed, then you have a couple options:
1) Install the new software on the old computer, and upgrade there. This way you can use the RM Cloud backup facility to backup your project from the old computer, and restore it on the new one.
2) Install the the software on the new computer, and generate a “New” license. You can then copy your data over from the old computer and place it in the “RMOpen” folder provided under the Documents folder on your new computer and open your project from the new software.

If you need further assistance. Please let us know if the old software has been installed on the computer you are trying to upgrade or now...that will narrow it down in terms of options. Also, let us know if you are using the RM Cloud in your existing setup.


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